Who am I?

Well, for one I never thought I would EVER start a blog-of any kind! After having a discussion with my sister-in-law one day about what in the world my passion is-she bluntly told me “food.”  Now to some, that may seem to be an insult, but I knew she was right and all we could do was laugh about it-we have that kind of relationship. When I post a food pic on Instagram, I typically use the hash tag #Wannabefoodie.  Why #Wannabefoodie? Because I don’t like to eat everything, but I’m willing to try most dishes.

I have somewhat of a love affair with trying new recipes.  I love buying new cookbooks and receiving cookbooks as gifts.  I love recreating that author’s recipe for the first time.  I love sharing the finished product with my family, and on the rare occasion that I bake a dish-I love providing my husband’s co-worker’s with a sampling.

Let’s not even discuss the wonderfulness that is Pinterest!  Most of my pins are those that have to do with food!  Like REALLY!  I have hundreds of pins dedicated to food!

So this blog will mostly be about me being a #Wannabefoodie and all that entails!  Some dishes will be my own, some will be family recipes and some will come from various sources which I will site for your wannabe foodie enjoyment!


-The Wannabe Foodie


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