Breakfast Smoothie!

Breakfast-I have a fondness for foods associated with breakfast (but we’ll have another post about different foods for breakfast).  One item I love to have with breakfast is a smoothie!  I don’t particularly like my smoothies to be overly sweet-which is why I typically like to make my own, but I like them to be somewhat filling especially if that’s going to be my only source of nourishment for the morning.

For the most part, my smoothies are fairly simple; I may mix it up a bit depending on the mood that I’m in.  Below are some of the basic ingredients I’ve been using here lately:

Honey is an excellent sweetener and is very healthy – I usually like to use local honey as it is great for allergies, but since my family recently moved to California, I haven’t had a chance to make my way to aIMG_1513 farmer’s market to get some, therefore, honey from one of the grocery stores will do just fine until I can get my hands on the really good stuff.

Ripe avocado-now I must admit, I haven’t always been a fan of avocado’s (I know, I know-what have I been thinking), especially just plain avocado.  Let me tell you-if you are a skeptic like I once was, give your taste buds a treat and try it, avocado is some GOOD STUFF!  As with honey, it is very healthy and one of those good oils to have.

I include banana in every smoothie I make, whether it be a green smoothie or mostly fruit based.  In my opinion, banana is a great thickener for my smoothies and it has the added potassium that our bodies need, it also adds to the sweetness of the smoothie.

PBfit-now this stuff is new to me, but I have been liking it so far.  I typically add peanut butter to my smoothies for the added protein and I like the nutty flavor it gives.  When I saw this PBfit, I was like ‘what is this mess?!’ but I have been pleasantly surprised!  It’s easy to handle and still gives my smoothie the protein and added nutty flavor that I like.

Frozen fruit in the off seasons for the extra fruit that I can’t get during the winter months, but still want to enjoy in a breakfast smoothie, it also provides the chill without having to add ice.  I always purchase unsweetened frozen fruit; I don’t want the added sweetness that I can’t really control.

Greek yogurt is an amazing source of protein (If I was looking for just added protein, I could use Greek yogurt without the peanut) and tastes wonderful.  The Greek yogurt added along with the peanut butter will definitely satisfy for a while!  The yogurt also helps give my smoothie a creamy consistency.

Lastly (for this particular smoothie), Almond Milk.  I like to purchase Vanilla Almond milk (whether it be regular or unsweetened), to me it is a better taste-but to each their own.

Of course with any smoothie, you can add or take away as you please to make it your own-just find the ingredients that work for you and enjoy the blended flavors!  I want my foods to taste good and be good for me (on most occasions)!  Oh-I don’t really measure my smoothie ingredients, as I like to switch it up a bit…

Breakfast Smoothie makes 1 serving


1 ripe banana

1 ripe avocado

1/4 cup Frozen Fruit

2 tablespoons Honey

2 Tablespoons PBFit (or peanut butter)

2 tablespoons Greek Yogurt

1 1/2 cups Almond Milk (can be substituted with any milk of your choice), use more or less depending on the thickness you prefer.


Starting with your fruit, dice your banana and place in blender. Cut the avocado in half and remove the seed, spoon out the flesh and place in blender (you can chop the avocado if you like).  Place the frozen fruit in next.  Pour in the honey, PBfit (or peanut butter) and greek yogurt. Next fill the blender with the Almond Milk.  Place the lid on your blender cup, and blend according to your blenders instructions until you have reached your desired consistency.  Pour in a cup and enjoy!


-The Wannabe Foodie





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